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We have good news!

By | 2017-06-21T07:08:49+00:00 June 21st, 2017|Joe's Blog|

Scripture: 2 Kings 6-7, 2 Chronicles 20, 1 Timothy 3 2 Kings 7:9 But then they said to each other, “We shouldn’t be doing this! We have good news and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves. If we wait until morning to tell it, we are sure to be punished. Let’s go at once and [...]

Self-awareness and praise

By | 2017-06-19T10:45:10+00:00 June 19th, 2017|Joe's Blog|

Scripture: 2 Kings 1-3, Psalm 82, 1 Timothy 1 1 Timothy 1:15-16 This is a true saying, to be completely accepted and believed: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I am the worst of them, 16but God was merciful to me in order that Christ Jesus might show his full patience in [...]


By | 2017-06-14T09:03:24+00:00 June 13th, 2017|Luke: the Gospel for Everyone|

Repentance isn’t just feeling sorry for what you’ve done; you change it.  And repentance addresses specific behaviors.  It does no good to repent for something you don’t do, and keep doing something else you shouldn’t.   Luke: The Gospel for Everyone Repent! Luke 3 Repent!  Any questions?  You’re free to go. Welcome to [...]

This is for Jesus

By | 2017-06-10T08:56:32+00:00 June 10th, 2017|Joe's Blog|

Scripture: Song of Solomon 1-4, Ephesians 6 Ephesians 6:5-7 Slaves, obey your human masters with fear and trembling; and do it with a sincere heart, as though you were serving Christ. Do this not only when they are watching you, because you want to gain their approval; but with all your heart do what God [...]

Some surprising thoughts on greed

By | 2017-06-09T09:36:07+00:00 June 9th, 2017|Joe's Blog|

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10-12, Psalm 94, Ephesians 5 Ephesians 5:5 You may be sure that no one who is immoral, indecent, or greedy (for greed is a form of idolatry) will ever receive a share in the Kingdom of Christ and of God. Observation/application Greed is a form of idolatry. I don’t think of myself as [...]

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