Befriend the Lost and Lonely

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  Every Sunday we take a couple minutes and encourage you to say hi to the folks around you. How many of you love this time? You can hardly wait to make a new friend! How many of you hate this time? It’s pure social torture! How many of you were afraid to vote? [...]

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Befriend the Other

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March 26, 2017 Pastor Joe Wittwer BeFriend #3—BeFriend the Other   Introduction and offering: This is week 3 of our series, Befriend. The Big Idea for this series is that God has moved toward us when we were His enemies and made us His friends, and now He calls us to do the same with [...]

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Be a Friend

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Sunday, March 19, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerBefriend#2—Beafriend Introduction and offering: How many of you want to have friends? Everyone wants friends. My son Jeff, who had Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism, struggled to make and keep friends. He didn’t read verbal and non-verbal clues well and suffered from social anxiety. A few weeks before [...]

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Befriended by God

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Sunday, March 12, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerBefriend#1—Befriended by God Introduction and offering: Today we kick off a new series called Befriend. I want to talk with you about friendship—friendship with God and friendship with people—especially with people who are different from you. The inspiration for this series came from three things. First, I thought it would [...]

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