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We want to build a church
that our kids and grandkids
will love

We want to build a church that our
kids and grandkids will love


We want you and your children to feel welcomed and loved. There are age-appropriate classes for infants through grade six during each service. 

Stop by Kid Central in the commons to check in your kids. If you’d like, you can join your child and check out their classroom!

We have an awesome team of volunteers that gather each weekend to teach your kids some valuable, biblically-based, life-applicable lessons. We celebrate through worship, games, and activities. We use short videos, stories, small groups, crafts, games, and other resources to engage kids. Every lesson focuses on two important points: Jesus loves everyone and He calls us to love everyone too!

Our vision is to provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn about the love of Jesus and to partner with parents to foster a relationship between your children and Jesus.

How are you passing on the faith to your kids and grandkids? I want to pass on a thick faith, a sturdy faith, a relationship with Jesus that will withstand the pressures students face. We’re here to help you do that with your kids.

-Pastor Joe

We think three generations at a time

We realize that our best investment is to equip and empower the generations coming up behind us so that they can go beyond us.  We want the light of our church to shine brighter and brighter. We want more people to find and follow Jesus! As we pass the baton to the next leaders at Life Center, we want them to surpass us, to be better than us, more effective than us. We want to build a church that our kids and grandkids will love.


Our Kids team would love to hear from you!