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Life Together

January 29, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerLife TogetherActs 2:41-47 Introduction and offering: So what are we going to talk about today? In keeping with Our Big Deals, which is a vision series [...]

Loving Everyone Always

January 22, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerOur Big Deals#2 Loving Everyone Always  Introduction and offering: Love Everyone Always! That’s what we’re talking about today. So I thought I’d start with a picture [...]

Making Disciples

January 15, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerOur Big Deals#1 Making Disciples Introduction and offering: ILL: If you were waiting at a bus stop, and a bus pulls up, what do you look [...]

Gifted by the Spirit

January 1, 2017Pastor Joe WittwerThere’s More!#4—Gifted by the Spirit   Introduction and offering: Happy New Year! Today we start the New Year by finishing our series on the Holy Spirit, [...]


  Christmas Eve, 2016Pastor Joe WittwerYes!   Introduction and offering: Merry Christmas! ILL: Is there anybody in the room who got engaged or married on Christmas Eve?   Here’s a [...]

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