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We think three
generations at a time

We think three generations at a time


We realize our best investment is to equip and empower the generations coming up behind us so they can go beyond us. We want the light of our church to shine brighter and brighter. We want more people to find and follow Jesus!

As we pass the baton to the next leaders at Life Center, we want them to surpass us, to be better than us, more effective than us. We want to build a church our kids and grandkids will love.

7th – 8th Grade

Middle schoolers meet Sundays during the
11am service in the Multipurpose Room

9th – 12th Grade

High schoolers meet Wednesdays at 7pm
in the Multipurpose Room

Ages 18-25

College age people meet Thursdays at 7pm
in the Multipurpose Room

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Your city needs the best version of you. Your church needs the best version of you. Your relationships need the best version of you.

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Northwest Leadership College integrates formal education with hands on ministry experience, leadership training, and personal discipleship to help each student push into their potential and increase their impact.

Northwest Leadership College is committed to developing well-equipped servant leaders who use their influence for the good of others and the good of the world in every industry.

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