Love God. Love People.

Love God. Love People.

Weekend Services

Saturday at 6 pm
Sunday Morning at 9 & 11 am

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Weekend Services

Saturday at 6 pm,
Sunday at 9 & 11 am

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Christmas Eve Services

Service Times:

Sunday, 22 at 9 & 11* am
Monday, 23 at 7 pm
Tuesday, 24 at 1*, 3, & 5 pm

*Sign language interpreted

There is no Saturday night service on 12/21

Thanks! Help! Wow! Here!

Thanks, Help, Wow, and Here! Four essential prayers that, if we pray consistently, it’d be like rocket fuel for our faith. It will catalyze new growth and new boldness. Pray, and build your relationship with God.

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Love God. Love People.

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