Looking back at 2023

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


Decisions for Jesus



Jeremiah Valerios
See his story

Fun fact: We’ve had to increase our baptisms Sundays to every month!



Spending Daily Time with Jesus


Given out

Larissa Brewer
See Her story

Larissa Brewer
See Her story

Following Jesus in Community


People in every group session

Steve Balch
See His story

Steve Balch
See His story

Giving in Service and Generosity


Sunday services, Kids, Students, Groups ministries, and more happen through countless hours spent by people serving! Many of you also serve in other ways across Spokane.


We’re moved by your generosity: We exceeded our goal for Bite2Go and raised over $100K, nearly 600 people received gifts through Tree of Sharing, and thousands were raised in other special offerings.




People volunteer at
Life Center Monthly


People volunteer at Life Center Monthly


Hours were served by 740 people across our city during love week

Becky Moody
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Money you generously gave in 2023 directly to organizations or needs on top of our weekly tithe and offerings


Bite2Go partnership (exceeding our 50K goal allowing us support two new schools) 🙌


Received in special offerings including $1 for 1, Church Planting, and Spring of Hope International

Fiscal Year* 2023 Report

*October 2022 – September 2023

How we funnel money from weekly tithe and offerings

How we funnel money from weekly tithe and offerings

See where the 23% goes


Community outreach & generosity

23% of your giving for 2023* supported other organizations and missions near and far.

  • Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services (ARMS)
  • African Rural Trainers
  • Big Table
  • Bite2Go
  • Christ Kitchen
  • City Gate
  • CRU (AnaMaria Mendoza)
  • Embrace Washington
  • Ethnos 360 Aviation (Nick and Shelby Young)
  • Evangelical Church of Vieux Lyon (Timothee Pomier)
  • Faces 4 Hope (Stagge)
  • Family Promise of Spokane
  • FMI India (Dresback)
  • Generation Alive
  • Greater European Missions (France/Krebs)
  • Greater European Missions (France/Williamsons)
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hero’s Homestead (Andrew & Danielle Holstine)
  • Jonah Project
  • Lifeline Children’s Services
  • Medical Ambassadors (Tirus & Winnie)
  • New International/Bolton
  • Penasco Mission Center (Heidi & Conrad Quiros)
  • Project id
  • Reclaim Project (Kenny Carlson)
  • Resonate/Jagannoth
  • Salvation Army
  • Spring Of Hope International (David Opap)
  • Stadia Church Planting
  • Sunrise Ministries (Millards – Mongolia/China/Nepal/Myanmar)
  • This Mission
  • Thrive
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • World Relief
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (Sheeran)
  • Young Life International (Brucker/London)
  • Young Life (Local/Jeff & Tanya Huber)
  • YWAM (Sam & Amanda Schold/S. Africa)
  • YWAM deaf world/ Emily Franklin

Being faithful in giving even when it’s hard

Indigo Manning is in the Army and relocated from Kansas City to Spokane, where the cost of living is higher. With every move her husband, Kerry, has had to find a new job, and this time it paid 60% less income than what the last job had previously. They also had a new baby and were running through their savings. Even in that financial situation, Indigo wanted to remain faithful in giving. She prayed, “God, I’m nervous, ‘the righteous are never forsaken, or beg for bread.’ Malachi’s promise.“ She prayed and gave the tithe, “this is on you God.”

Kerry called two hours later, his paycheck was posted two days early and got a bonus from work—they praised God together!

God was faithful in 2023

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