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Bible Plan

How we’re reading in the Bible in 2023!

We’ve chosen a chapter-a-day New Testament plan to go through this year as a community. We hope it is encouraging and fun to read the same scripture together!

Today’s  reading:

John 4, 1 Chronicles 10-11, Psalm 74

Reflective Questions

John 4: What was Jesus’ “food” (v. 31-34)? How does doing God’s will nourish you? Is doing God’s will as necessary for you as the food you eat?
1 Chronicles 10: The chronicler likes to tell us not only what happened, but why. What is his explanation for Saul’s demise and death? What is your take away?
1 Chronicles 11: David’s success was due in part to his team—his mighty men. Who are the people around you that are helping you do God’s will? And who are you helping?
Psalm 74: Have you ever felt abandoned or forgotten by God? How does the psalmist resolve this?

How to follow this plan


This plan is available on the YouVersion Bible app. To view the daily readings in real time with us, join the plan through a YouVersion group here.


We provide quarterly journals that include the daily reading, questions, and space to journal. Available at the Welcome Center or if you are part of our global family you can request one here.

Just the reading

Either pick up a bookmark at the Welcome Center or view the daily reading and reflection questions here.

Read in YouVersion

Join  a YouVersion group—this will connect you with others and allow you to view the daily readings in real time.

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