Develop the habit of regular time with God


Learn to Read the Bible

Develop the habit of regular time with God–reading the Bible and talking with him!

reading the Bible and talking with him!

Why we read the Bible

Because Jesus wants a relationship with you—and reading his Word is one of the best ways to know him.

Daily time with God—reading the Bible, reflecting on what it says, and talking with God—will teach you how to recognize his voice, help you make wise decisions, and give him the opportunity to speak directly into your life.

Where to start

There’s no formula for reading the Bible but below are practical things to start with:

Pick an easy to read translation

There are many English translations of the Bible—if your Bible is filled with ye’s and shalt’s it’s going to be challenging to understand—we’d recommend using something contemporary. The New International Version (NIV) translates the Bible word for word, and the New Living Translation (NLT) translates the Bible thought for thought. They are both excellent and easy to understand and apply.

Where to read

It can be hard to get a full picture of the Bible if you’re reading where ever you open it up that day. Two great starting points:

  1. Start with Jesus. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These give the account of the life and mission of Jesus.
  2. Use a plan. Reading plans are helpful to guide you through sections or topics in the Bible. You can jump into the daily plan we use at any time, or browse the many available for free on the Bible app.

Reflect and write

If God says something, it is worth writing down! Things to reflect on as you read:

  • What is this teaching me about God? What is it telling me about who he is?
  • What does it mean for my life? How can I apply what is is saying to follow God?

Looking for more?

Hear from a few of our pastors how Bible reading and spending daily time with Jesus has personally been important and what it looks like in different seasons of your life. Watch their conversation here.


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