Bible Reading

Jesus wants a relationship with you! It’s why He came and lived and died and rose again.

Relationships take time, so develop the habit of regular time with God. At Life Center we call it PBJ time – Prayer, Bible, and Journal.

  • Pray – Talk with God and listen for His answer.
  • Read the Bible – It is the story of God pursuing relationship with us.
  • Journal – If God says something, it is worth writing down!

Pastor Joe uses the plan below! The 15 minute plan covers the old testament once and the new testament twice in a year’s time. The 5 minute plan follows the 15 minute plan with a third of each day’s reading.

Choose a time that will be uninterrupted by projects or people so you can focus on God’s word and build your relationship with Jesus.

Don’t quit – keep at it! Read today’s reading, and skip what you missed, then make it up another time. You don’t get down on yourself when you forget to eat breakfast do you? Just make sure to eat lunch!

Record your answer for each question:

  • Scripture: What verse stands out?
  • Observation: What’s the main idea?
  • Application: What does it mean for your life?
  • Pray: What do you want to express to God?
 Looking for a journal? Pick one up at the Info Center for our cost of $5.


Read along with Pastor Joe

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New International Version (NIV). This excellent translation is still the most widely used.
English Standard Version (ESV). The ESV is more of a word-for-word literal translation.
New Living Translation (NLT). The NLT is more of a thought-for-thought translation.
New English Translation (NET). The NET includes translators’ notes that reveal some of the thinking behind the translation process.
The Message. This is not a translation as much as a paraphrase into colloquial English. Also, it is written by one person rather than a team of translators; the other translations are done by teams.