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Bible Plan

How we’re reading in the Bible in 2024!

We’re reading a chapter a day in the New Testament with the option to read a few chapters in the Old Testament. It goes through the Bible in a year!

Today’s reading:

John 1, 1 Chronicles 1-3,

Reflective Questions

John 1: What does John say in his prologue (v. 1-18) about the Word? How does this information about Jesus impact you?
1 Chronicles 1-3: Why was this long genealogy, particularly the royal line of David, important to the chronicler?

How to follow this plan


This plan is available on the YouVersion Bible app. To view the daily readings in real time with us, join the plan through a YouVersion group here.


We provide quarterly journals that include the daily reading, questions, and space to journal. Out next journal will be available mid June. If you leave outside of the Spokane area you can request a copy here.

Just the reading

Either pick up a bookmark at the Welcome Center, view the daily reading and reflection questions here, or download a pdf for the entire year!

Read in YouVersion

YouVersion plans are no longer supported on a desktop.
To join a group, please visit this page on a mobile device!

Join a YouVersion group—this will connect you with others and allow you to view the daily readings in real time.

The Bible App will need to be installed to access the links

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Outside the Spokane area

ASL Community Group

Alive Ages 18-25

High School Students

Middle School Students


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