Now is the perfect time to spend with Jesus.

Daily time with God will teach you how to recognize his voice, help you make wise decisions, and give him the opportunity to speak directly into your life.

Ways to get started


Read, access plan content, and journal through YouVersion

Read on YouVersion

The PBJ Journal

Reading content and journal space in our journal passed out at the beginning of each season

Your own journal

Have your own journal? Use these links for the reading plan and reflective questions!

Watch videos

Weekly overview videos to give that bring insight to books in the Bible.


Read with us

We’ve broken our region into neighborhoods — each has a YouVersion group to help you connect with the plan and a Facebook group to help you connect with people.

These don’t have any obligations, but we hope they will facilitate real relationships. Join one or both!



Indian Trail, 9 Mile

5 Mile

5 Mile, Town and Country, Shiloh Hills


Mead, Fairwood, Wandermere, Colbert, Deer Park


Northwest, North Hill, Audubon, Emerson/Garfield



Airway, Four Lakes, Cheney, Fairchild


West Central, Browne’s, West Hills, Downtown, East Central

East Side

Logan, Nevada Heights, Bemis, Hillyard, Chief Garry Park

Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley, Dishman, Post Falls, CDA


Latah Valley

Eagle Ridge, Hangman Valley, Grandview

Lower South

Cliff-Cannon, Perry, Lincoln Heights, East Central

Upper South

Comstock, Rockwood, Southgate, Palouse

Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley, Dishman, Post Falls, CDA

Live outside the Spokane area?

We have groups for you too!