Helping you follow Jesus
through life’s highs and lows

Helping you follow Jesus
through life’s highs and lows



Life Center’s premarital ministry pairs an experienced couple with an engaged couple to address common marriage challenges in a safe and fun mentoring program.

The cost is $80 and includes 2 books, 2 workbooks, the premarital assessment and report.

Because of the high demand for premarital training at Life Center and length of the training process, we request you contact us 6-7 months in advance of your wedding.

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Too much month left at the end of the money? Financial expert Dave Ramsey provides a 9-week video curriculum on how to manage money according to biblical principles. Meet 2 hours per week, participate in small group activities, and be empowered to eliminate debt, save for the future, and give like never before!

Check out for more information.

The Visitation Team is available to visit and pray with those who are hospitalized, in extended care or hospice. To submit a visitation request form, click the button below.

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We do not offer professional ongoing counseling, but we can refer you to a licensed Christian Counselor. For biblical and spiritual guidance, there is someone available during our office hours (M-F, 9-4:30) who would be happy to talk and pray with you. Please stop in or give us a call (509-327-4422).



This group provides educational counseling and awareness to individuals faced with domestic abuse. Using biblical principles, we encourage beliefs and behaviors that heal and promote healthy life styles.

For more information | ARMS website

DivorceCare is nondenominational and features biblical teaching on divorce and recovery topics. Find help as you recover from the hurt of separation or divorce. Connect with people who understand the deep hurt that you feel. This 13-week support group is specifically designed for people dealing with the pain of losing a marriage or a long-term relationship.

No classes at Life Center are currently scheduled, but don’t worry, we are working hard to open registration for our next class! For more information about Life Center’s DivorceCare group please contact Shaun or for a list of groups that are currently meeting in the Spokane area, please go to

GriefShare is a Bible-based support group and video seminar featuring top experts on grief and recovery subjects for those grieving the death of someone close. At GriefShare you will meet people who understand what you are experiencing and offer you comfort and encouragement as you move toward re-landscaping your life.

Classes are available in Spring and Fall.  A “Surviving the Holidays” 3-hour seminar is also offered in November.

For more information on GriefShare check out their website at

Set Free Ministry is devoted to help you grow in the Lord Jesus through the study and application of the Word of God, encouragement of fellow believers, and prayer. It is a Bible-based look at the lies Satan uses to keep us from experiencing the abundant life Jesus died and rose to give. This class teaches you to examine your life biblically, so you can enjoy the freedom that accompanies seeing yourself more as God sees you.

Each class is facilitated by leaders who are called and dedicated to this ministry. These facilitators have experienced freedom in their own lives through trusting in Jesus’ Lordship and obeying His Word, as promised in John 8:31-32. They oversee study groups that provide each participant with hope and encouragement as you experience the Word of God and see its relevance to your own life’s challenges.

Questions?  Contact Shaun or 327-4422

Registration is currently closed.

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A Christ-centered approach for walking in the Spirit, thereby maintaining a sexually pure life. Final Freedom is a 12-Step program for pornography addiction.

This ongoing class meets weekly on Mondays at 7pm.

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A 12-step program available to men who struggle with addictive, compulsive, or co-dependent behavior.

This is an ongoing group that meets Thursday evenings, 7pm, at Life Center.

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