France Missions

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Our missionary partners in Lyon France visited us this weekend and gave us a little update about their work with an upcoming generation in France who are passionate about Jesus. If you're [...]

Bible Reading Plan

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Last weekend, Pastor Joe referenced our Bible Reading Plan a handful of times; if you're already following along - great! If not, you've probably seen the 5 Minute version at the bottom [...]

Max’s Story

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Following Jesus has been hard at times, but it's the most fulfilling, satisfying, and meaningful thing that I've ever been a part of.

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Invest in others!

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Harry and Eric, and Dolores and Shelbi shared their stories with us last weekend - We’re better together! Old and young, black and white, male and female — we’re better together. [...]

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Prayer Team

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Last weekend several hundred people came down front to pray and be prayed for after Pastor Joe's message. If you were one of those people, hopefully Jesus met you there and touched [...]

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