Tag a Friend

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This weekend at the end of each service gift tags were handed out and Pastor Joe instructed everyone to write down the names of people who are on our [...]

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Submission Verses

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1. Everyone submits to God. Everyone is expected to submit to God, to obey Him and follow Him. (Hebrews 12:9, James 4:7, Matthew 11:28-30.) 2. Everyone submits to civil authorities. The Bible is [...]

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Worship Night

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If you have yet to experience a worship night at Life Center, you’ll want to change that as soon as possible! Last Saturday, we hosted another amazing evening filled with singing [...]

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France Trip #7 (Final post)

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On Sunday in Grenoble, part of our team went over to Doc and Carol’s house to pray with them, and hear more about their prayer ministry in France. The worship team [...]

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Generous Kids

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Every week Life Center Kids give an offering, mostly made up of change. Although 10% of a child's income may seem small, it adds up quick! Over a number of months, they [...]

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