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November 11, 2012Pastor Joe WittwerFollow the LeaderResurrection! Opening: Do you love surprise endings?  My favorite novels or movies are the ones with a big surprise ending! Today, we read the surprise ending [...]

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The Cross

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November 4, 2012Pastor Joe WittwerFollow the LeaderThe CrossMark 14:43-15:47 Opening:     It’s nice to be home!  We had an amazing experience in Kenya— at the 2-day crusade over 700 adults chose to [...]

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Letting go and letting God

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October 28, 2012Pastor Michael HockettFollow the Leader!Letting Go and Letting GodMark 14:32-42 Opening SongOpeningGood day! I’m Michael Hockett, the Pastor of Adult Ministries here at Life Center. In September I went down [...]

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The Lord’s Supper

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Sunday, October 21, 2012 Pastor David Lewellyn   Follow the Leader! Part 14–The Lord’s Supper Opening:           Every year my wife and I have a wedding anniversary. It comes every year. It [...]

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Extravagant Love

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Sunday, October 14, 2012Pastor David LewellynFollow the Leader!Part 13–Extravagant Love   Opening: Hello, and welcome to Life Center! My name is David Lewellyn and I am the Student Ministries pastor here. Pastor [...]

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