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Rich Stearns will be speaking at all our services on Sunday, August 20. Rich is the president of World Vision, the world’s largest Christian humanitarian organization which works to relieve poverty in Jesus’ name in more than 100 countries around the world. Come prepared to be inspired and moved!

Here’s an excerpt from Rich’s article on the Huffington Post:

Imagine the person you love most in the world. Imagine that they were being abused, that they were hungry and without clean water, that they were terribly sick. Imagine how desperately you would try to do anything in your power to help them. This is exactly how Jesus feels about every single one of these refugee children.

It shouldn’t matter that they are 10,000 miles away.

It shouldn’t matter that they speak a different language or that they are of a different race.

It shouldn’t matter that their governments might be to blame.

It shouldn’t matter that they practice a different religion.

When we love another person’s child who is in need as we would our own child, then it is as though we are caring directly for Jesus himself.