Scripture: Zephaniah 1-3, John 9

John 9:25 “I do not know if he is a sinner or not,” the man replied. “One thing I do know: I was blind, and now I see.”


I love this story!  I love the sassiness of the healed blind man!  When the Pharisees call the man back for a second round of interrogation, he dishes it out!

The Pharisees say, “Tell us the truth: we know this man is a sinner.”  And his answer is, “I don’t know about that.  One thing I know: I was blind, and now I see.”  A little sass!

You can’t argue with someone’s story, and the Pharisees could only ask again how it happened.  He replied, “I’ve already told you and you didn’t listen.  Do you want to hear it again so you can be His disciples?”  Sassy!

The Pharisees rail, “We are Moses’ disciples; we know God spoke to Moses.  We don’t even know where this man is from.”  And he answers, “Isn’t that something!  This man healed my blindness and you don’t know where He’s from.  He’s from God!!”  Very sassy!

The Pharisees yelled, “You were born in sin and you dare to lecture us,” and expelled him from the synagogue.

But Jesus found him, and asked him to believe—and the man did.

It’s a great story and makes me smile.  Every believer has a great story—a story of how Jesus has transformed them.  I wish everyone could share their story so simply: “One thing I know: I was _________, but now I am _______________.”

Jesus has changed my life so completely—I’m forever grateful.  And I want to be sharing His good news with anyone who will listen.

Prayer: Lord, as I prayed in church yesterday, light a fire in me to share the good news with anyone who will listen.  Thank You for changing my life, top to bottom…and giving me a great story!