Scripture: Daniel 1-2, Revelation 16

Daniel 2:27-28 Daniel replied, “Your Majesty, there is no wizard, magician, fortuneteller, or astrologer who can tell you that.  But there is a God in heaven, who reveals mysteries…”


Nebuchadnezzar insists that his royal advisors not only interpret his dream, but first tell him what his dream was.  They all protest: no king has every asked that of his advisers; no one can do that, except the gods, and they don’t live among men.  In a rage, the king orders them all killed.

Daniel and his friends ask the Lord to show them the dream and it’s meaning, and that night, the Lord showed Daniel and he went to the king.  He reiterated what the king’s advisors have said: no one can tell the king his dream.  “But there is a God in heaven.”  God can do it.  And God did it—He showed Daniel the dream and its meaning.

We face many impossibilities—things that are humanly impossible.  But there is a God in heaven.  I’m reminding myself of that as I pray today for friends who are facing the impossible.  And I’ll remind myself of that as I face difficulties that seem beyond me.  There is a God in heaven, and He knows and He is able.

This story is an example of God’s miraculous intervention.  Of course, there are many stories in which God does not miraculously intervene.  I can’t predict when God will or won’t act.  He is not my genie, doing my bidding.  But there is a God in heaven, and He can do anything, and like Daniel and his friends, I can turn to Him in desperate moments and ask for His help.  The worst thing I can do is despair, to live as though there is no God, and therefore no hope.  When faced with impossible situations, I need to remind myself…

“But there is a God in heaven.”

Prayer: Dear God in heaven, I’m appealing to You today for a miracle for my friends: for Sunday, for Michael, for Steve, and for others who face difficult or impossible odds.  Heal, save, and may You be honored as You deserve.