Tuesday, October 10

Scripture: Nehemiah 3-4, Luke 23

Luke 23:23 But they kept on shouting at the top of their voices that Jesus should be crucified, and finally their shouting succeeded.


The crowd isn’t always right.

When the Jewish leaders brought Jesus to Pilate seeking a death sentence, Pilate and Herod both interrogated Jesus and found no reason to condemn him.  They wanted to let him go after a beating that they hoped would appease the Jewish leaders.  But the Jewish leaders kept insisting that Jesus die, and somehow convinced the crowds to join them in calling for Jesus’ death and Barabbas’ release.  The irony is that Jesus was completely innocent, and Barabbas was guilty of murder and sedition.  It made no sense for Pilate to release a criminal who was a threat to Roman rule, and crucify an innocent man.

“And finally their shouting succeeded.”

The noise of the crowd prevailed.

The same thing is happening in our culture.  The cultural elite have convinced the masses to shout for their causes, and their shouting is succeeding.  It’s become politically correct to crucify the innocent and support the guilty.  Right has become wrong, and wrong has become right.  Christians find themselves on the wrong side of many moral issues, swimming against the current of popular culture and political correctness.  (I’m not saying this is true of all issues, but some.)

I’m reviewing a book written by a friend, and in it he argues that to be godly means we will be cultural rebels.  I think that’s been true for Christians in every age.  The Kingdom of God is at odds with every culture on some points.  It’s certainly true for us today.

The challenge for us is to be clear about what God says in Scripture, and humbly but boldly stand on God’s word when it’s not popular.  We must be cultural rebels if we’re going to follow Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, I want to be more influenced and shaped by the Holy Spirit and Your Word than I am by the culture around me.