Scripture: Hosea 13-14, Psalm 100, 102, Hebrews 5

Hosea 13:4-6 The Lord says, “I am the Lord your God, who led you out of Egypt. You have no God but me. I alone am your savior. I took care of you in a dry, desert land. But when you entered the good land, you became full and satisfied, and then you grew proud and forgot me.


God told Israel that He alone had saved them (without Him they would never have gotten out of their slavery in Egypt), and He took care of them in their wandering through the desert.  But when they got to the Promised Land, they became full and satisfied and grew proud and forgot God.

This is so typically human!  We turn to God in our need, and forget Him in our plenty.  We cry out to Him in our brokenness, and forget Him in our success.  We grow complacent and satisfied and proud, and forget God.

Hosea likens Israel’s relationship to God to a marriage—to his own marriage.  To use Hosea’s metaphor, I’ve seen this happen in marriages.  A wife supports her husband through school; they battle through the hard times together.  Then when success finally comes, he gets proud, full and satisfied, and trades her in for a younger model.  Or vice versa.

These verses spoke to me as a pastor who has been through the desert and then experienced success.  It’s easy to start thinking that we did it, and become proud and self-reliant—to stop seeking God with the same intensity, the same deep awareness of my need because the needs aren’t as great any more.

The truth is that I need the Lord as much (or more) than ever!  I want to be as hungry for God as I’ve ever been, and seek Him with as much fervor as I ever have.  I need Him!

Prayer: Lord, forgive me for growing complacent and self-satisfied.  Stir up a hunger in me for more of You, and help me seek You all my heart.