Scripture: 2 Samuel 2, 1 Chronicles 11, Psalm 142, Matthew 14

1 Chronicles 11:13-14 Eleazar son of Dodo fought on David’s side against the Philistines at the battle of Pas Dammim. He was in a barley field when the Israelites started to run away, 14so he and his men made a stand in the middle of the field and fought the Philistines. The Lord gave him a great victory.

Matthew 14:4 For some time John the Baptist had told Herod, “It isn’t right for you to be married to Herodias!”


Sometimes you have to make a stand!

Sometimes the Lord gives you a great victory.  And sometimes you lose your head.

I’ve always loved the story of Eleazar son of Dodo (great name!) who, when others ran away from the battle, made a stand in the middle of a barley field.  The Lord gave him a great victory.

John the Baptist also made a stand.  He stood against King Herod who had dumped his wife and taken his brother’s wife.  John called him out, told him it was wrong.  For that, John was arrested and later beheaded.

It takes courage to make a stand, especially when the outcome is not guaranteed.  It wasn’t for either Dodo’s son or John.  But both had the courage to make a stand, and fight for what is right.

Where do I need to make a stand?  Where is the battle raging?  Where is my barley field?

Prayer: Lord, we need mighty men and women, champions, people of valor, more than ever.  Please give us the courage to make a stand for You.