Saturday, November 25

Mountain moving faith

Scripture: Matthew 20-22

Matthew 21:21-22 Jesus answered, “I assure you that if you believe and do not doubt, you will be able to do what I have done to this fig tree. And not only this, but you will even be able to say to this hill, ‘Get up and throw yourself in the sea,’ and it will. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”


I’m journaling on this passage while I listen to Travis Green sing “Made a Way.”  Great song about moving mountains!

When Jesus cursed a fig tree and it withered, His disciples asked Him how it happened.  These two verses are Jesus’ answer to that question.  Here is the lesson Jesus wanted them to take away from the fig tree incident.

First, the power of faith.  If you believe and don’t doubt you will be able to do this, and even greater things: you can move mountains!  It seems outrageous!  But Jesus’ words are clear—He means for us to live with pure faith in a Big God and do great things.  Clearly, my faith has lots of room for growth.  Lord, increase my faith.  I don’t want to get caught up in arguments about the boundaries for this (all valid)—I just want my faith to grow, which is what I believe Jesus wanted for His disciples (and for me).

Second, the power of prayer.  If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.  The power of prayer and faith are linked—so again my faith needs to grow.  Same thing—I don’t want to get trapped in arguments about God’s will, and what we should ask for (all valid conversations)—I just want my faith to grow.

How many mountains haven’t moved that should have?  What great things have I missed out on because I haven’t prayed with faith?  Lord, increase my faith.

Prayer: Lord, increase my faith.