Scripture: 1 Samuel 27, Psalm 141, 1 Chronicles 9, Matthew 10

Matthew 10:39 Those who try to gain their own life will lose it; but those who lose their life for my sake will gain it.


I have been thinking a lot about living my best life.  I want to finish strong; I want my last lap to be my best!  I feel like I’m in my sweet spot, but also that I’m not as focused or productive as I could be.  I want to be more intentional.

So I’ve been working on my Rule of Life (earlier this year), or this week, on my Life Plan (Michael Hyatt’s version).  I want to clarify my goals and priorities, and then plan and implement them to be my best self in every area of my life.

And then I read this verse.

At first blush, I think it crushes all my plans for my life.  And in one sense it does—it is the death of selfishness.  But when my selfish plans die, God’s plans for me can come to life!  If I make my life all about me and what I want—if my Life Plan is selfish—I lose in the end.  But if I make my life about Jesus and what He wants for me—and what He wants for me is better than what I want for me—I find my true life.

So as I craft my Life Plan, I want to do it with this verse guiding me—with Jesus guiding me.  I want what He wants for me.  That will always be best.  I want to lose my selfishness and find my true life in Him.

Prayer: Lord, I want this one life to count for You.  So as I plan, I seek Your leading.  My fulfillment is found in You, not in selfishness.