Scripture: 1 Samuel 24, Psalm 57-58, 1 Chronicles 8, Matthew 8

1 Samuel 24:10 You can see for yourself that just now in the cave the Lord put you in my power. Some of my men told me to kill you, but I felt sorry for you and said that I would not harm you in the least, because you are the one whom the Lord chose to be king.


I remember when (in 1978) the Lord spoke to me and told me I’d be leaving Eugene and Faith Center and going to pastor somewhere.  It came out of the blue—it was a shock!  And then the Lord told me not to tell anyone, or try to make it happen; He would make it happen.  He gave me 1 Thessalonians 5:24.  “Faithful is He who calls you, and He will bring it to pass.”

So I didn’t tell anyone—not even Laina!  Then a few months later, my pastor, Roy Hicks Jr. told me that the Lord had spoken to him and told him that it was time for me to go pastor a church!  I showed him my journal, went home and told Laina, and we began to pray.  The rest is history!

I think the Lord knew that I could easily try to make it happen on my own.  This was to be His doing, not mine.

That’s how it was for David.  He had been anointed the next king of Israel, and the current king, Saul, was jealously trying to kill him.  When the Lord gave Saul into David’s hands and his men wanted David to kill him, it would have been easy to think, “God is doing it.”  But David didn’t want to risk taking matters into his own hands.  He decided to spare Saul, and let God do it—without him.  And God did…later.

There are so many times when we are tempted to take matters into our own hands and do God’s work for Him.  Of course there are things that we should do—times when we are to take matters into our hands and act.  But there are also those situations which require us to wait on God and let Him act, and resist the temptation to make it happen ourselves.

To know the difference, we need to pray and listen.

I’m so glad I waited on the Lord and let Him lead rather than charging out on my own!  Who knows where we’d have ended up!  I love living in Paradise!

Prayer: Lord, help me know when You want me to act, and when You want me to wait for You to act.  Help me to know the difference between taking matters into my own hands, and trusting You to do what only You can do.