Scripture: 2 Kings 6-7, 2 Chronicles 20, 1 Timothy 3

2 Kings 7:9 But then they said to each other, “We shouldn’t be doing this! We have good news and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves. If we wait until morning to tell it, we are sure to be punished. Let’s go at once and tell the king’s officers!”


We have good news and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.”

This was the realization that dawned on the four lepers as they feasted in the deserted camp of the Syrian army.  Samaria had been under siege.  The famine was so severe that women were cooking and eating their own children!  The lepers were starving like everyone else and figured they had nothing to lose by going to the Syrian army for food.  But the camp was deserted—the Lord had caused the Syrians to hear the sound of an approaching army and in fear, they had deserted their camp, leaving all their supplies behind.  The lepers feasted…and then this realization.  It was wrong of them to feast while everyone else was dying of starvation.  It was wrong to keep the good news to themselves.

Every day as a Christian, I enjoy the goodness of the Lord.  I have experienced the good news of God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness.  I have good news and shouldn’t keep it to myself!  Someone defined evangelism as one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.  Perhaps he got that definition from this story.

Yesterday, I read a pastor talking about how their church values evangelism—that it is their white hot pursuit.  I agree in principle; I can’t say I agree in practice.  I am too often content to feast while others starve.  I need this wake up call—like the lepers!  We have good news and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Today, I am going to pray for opportunities to share the good news, and I’m going to take those opportunities!

Prayer: Lord, light a fire in me for the lost, for those who are still starving and need to hear the good news. Remind me of the good news I have to share, and help me boldly and gladly tell others, “There’s food here!”