Scripture: Ezra 2-3, Luke 8

Luke 8:38-39 The man from whom the demons had gone out begged Jesus, “Let me go with you.” But Jesus sent him away, saying, “Go back home and tell what God has done for you.” The man went through the town, telling what Jesus had done for him.


“Go back home and tell what God has done for you.”

Jesus had freed a man from a mob of demons; the man asked to go with Jesus.  You can understand his request.  He had been living in terrible bondage for years until Jesus came along; now he was free because of Jesus, so it made sense to stay as close to Jesus as possible so that he wasn’t enslaved again.  I would have begged Jesus to let me go with Him too!

But Jesus told him to go back home and tell what God had done for him.  The man did; he went through the town telling what Jesus had done for him.

This was in a Gentile region known as Decapolis, or The Ten Towns, on the east side of Lake Galilee.  On this first trip, the only person who met Jesus was this crazed demoniac.  And after He freed the man, everyone asked Jesus to leave, probably because of the staggering economic loss of their herd of pigs. “Get Him out of here before He causes any more trouble.”

But the next time Jesus returns to this area, there is a crowd of thousands waiting to meet Him.  Why the contrast between the first trip (one man) and the second (thousands)?  Because this man went back home and told people what God had done for him.

This is how the gospel spreads.  Person to person.  We tell others what God has done for us.  Many people are nervous about sharing their faith in Jesus, but it is as easy as telling your story.  What has God done for you?  Go tell that story.

Find someone you love.  Tell them what you know: what God has done for you.  Bring them to meet Jesus.  And not only people, but communities and culture changes.

Prayer: Lord thank you for what you have done for me—so much!  Help me to gladly tell anyone who will listen what God has done!