Scripture: 1 Samuel 17, Psalm 9, Matthew 2


Matthew 2 is a study of stark contrasts.  Here are two very different responses to Jesus.

First: worship.  The magi traveled a long distance to worship the newborn King of the Jews.  When they finally found Him, they knelt down and worshipped Him and presented Him with expensive gifts.  What a sight that must have been!  Imagine young Joseph and Mary watching these foreigners, Persian astrologers, wise, aged, and wealthy, bowing down before their baby!

Second: murder.  When King Herod heard that a new King of the Jews had been born, he felt threatened and took action.  He planned on using the magi as his reconnaissance team; they would find the baby king and report back to him, and he would eliminate the threat.  When they didn’t report back, in a fury he ordered the murder of all the baby boys in Bethlehem under two.  He was taking no chances.

The magi surrendered their treasures in worship of the new king.  Herod protected his treasures by trying to murder the new king.

Jesus is always a threat to the status quo.  


We can respond with worship or murder.  Many people reject Jesus for the same reason Herod tried to murder Him: Jesus is a threat to their status quo.  If they accept Jesus, it means change.  It means surrender and obedience.  It means I’m not the king any more; He is.

I love Jesus and think He is amazing, and find it mind-boggling that others don’t think the same.  But I need to remember that people refuse to believe in Jesus for many reasons—and one of the biggest is that Jesus threatens their status quo.  They won’t get to be king any more.

I don’t either.

Prayer: Lord, I choose to worship You.  I accept You as my King, my Lord. Help me to share You boldly with others, knowing that some will worship and some will “murder”—help me to share boldly anyway.