Saturday, September 8

A 10 day wait

Scripture: Jeremiah 42-44, Psalm 48, Revelation 13

Jeremiah 42:7 At the end of ten days, the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah.  


The remnant of Judah, the people left behind by the Chaldeans, approach Jeremiah and ask for a word from the Lord. They solemnly promise to do whatever the Lord says.  “Whether pleasant or unpleasant, we will certainly do what the Lord says.”  

Jeremiah promises to pray and to faithfully report whatever God says.  

The surprise for me is that it took God ten days to speak to Jeremiah (or it took Jeremiah 10 days to hear Him)!  Why the delay?  

Sadly and predictably, when Jeremiah tells them what God said, the people refuse to listen and obey.  


Often I ask God to speak to me and I hear nothing.  When that happens, I need to come back later and ask again—and keep coming back and asking until I hear God speak.  Don’t give up; don’t quit—just keep asking and listening.  

God is not an answering machine that answers on command.  I don’t know God’s reason for making Jeremiah wait 10 days; nor do I know why God often makes me wait.  I can’t force Him to speak or demand that He speak.  But I can ask and wait until He does.  And I believe that He will…in His own good time.  

So I need to wait.  Wait on the Lord, and keep listening until the answer comes.  

Prayer: Lord, I’m often impatient and demanding.  You seem to be not in a hurry.  Help me to ask and listen…and wait for Your answer.  And not quit or give up.