Monday, October 8

A Gospel Opportunist

Scripture: Ezra 9-10, Psalm 131, Luke 21

Luke 21:13 This will give you an opportunity to bear witness.


Jesus predicted that His followers would face persecution, arrest and imprisonment, but “this will give you an opportunity to bear witness.”  All this hardship was an opportunity for witness—to share the gospel.  Rather than silencing them, it gave them opportunity, a platform and a megaphone.  

Jesus went on to promise that the Spirit would give us “words and wisdom” that our adversaries could not resist or contradict.  This was exactly what Stephen, the first martyr, experienced in Acts 6:10.  

So the prediction of persecution was not to inspire fear, but opportunism, boldness, and confidence.


We face little or no threat of persecution, and yet fear paralyzes and silences many Christians.  We are afraid of offending, afraid of rejection, afraid of being ostracized.  We desperately need a good dose of the Holy Spirit and the boldness He inspires.  We need to pray for and seize the opportunities that God gives us every day, trusting the Holy Spirit to give us the words and wisdom, and to do the work in people’s hearts.  

Stop being afraid!  Start being a bold witness for Jesus.  Become a gospel opportunist!

Prayer: Lord, this speaks to me.  Fill me with the Holy Spirit today, and make be a gospel opportunist, a bold witness for Jesus.