Tuesday, November 27


Scripture: Psalm 125, Matthew 26-27

Psalm 125:1–3 Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion. It cannot be shaken; it remains forever. 2 The mountains surround Jerusalem and the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever. 3 The scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous, so that the righteous will not apply their hands to injustice.


This psalm is one of the “songs of ascent” that were sung by pilgrims as they made their way up the road to Jerusalem for religious festivals.  

This is a song of confidence in God.  Those who trust in the Lord can’t be shaken—they are like Mount Zion on which Jerusalem was build.  It was not the highest of the mountains around Jerusalem; other nearby hills were higher and gave Jerusalem its natural defensibility.  These mountains represented permanence, endurance, security and safety.  Just as the mountains surround and protect Jerusalem, so God surrounds his people.  

It’s likely this psalm was written during the Exile, when foreigners occupied Jerusalem and Israel.  Even during that difficult time, the psalmist expressed confidence that God would triumph and that “the scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land.”  The psalmist believed that God was at work even in Israel’s darkest hour—and he was right.  God eventually brought the Israelites back from exile to their own land. 



Here are three statements of confidence that I believe today:

Those who trust in the Lord cannot be shaken.  This doesn’t mean that  we won’t face hardship or difficulty, but that when we do, our confidence in God is unshaken and we won’t be rattled!  

The Lord surrounds His people now and forever.  This was written when God’s people were in captivity in a foreign land!  Wherever we are, whatever we are facing, God surrounds us with His presence.  We are not alone.  I like to imagine myself bubble-wrapped with the presence of God!  Surrounded!

God is at work accomplishing His purpose even in my darkest hours.  Even when I can’t see the end, I know it will be good—it will be what God wants.  From my captivity, I can still sing of God’s goodness and the triumph of His purpose.  

Prayer: Lord, here is my prayer of confidence: I know that You are at work even when I struggle to see it, even when I feel stuck or fearful.  You will accomplish Your good purpose for me, for us.  I will not be shaken!