Saturday, October 13

Every day!

Scripture: Nehemiah 9-10, Acts 2

Acts 2:47 “…praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.  Every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.”  


I love Acts 2!  

  • The coming of the Holy Spirit, empowering the first disciples. 
  • The first bold proclamation of the gospel.
  • The gigantic response: 3000 people baptized and added to the church.
  • The birth and early life of the church: devoted, awestruck, miracles, togetherness, generosity, joy and praise, and this:
  • Every day people were being saved.


I long to be part of a church like that—especially that last line.  I want to see the Lord adding to our numbers every day those who are being saved.  I suppose that is happening if we look at the Church in our community—all the churches together; maybe even in our family of churches, Life Center and all its offspring.  And for that, we should rejoice.  But I long to see it where I worship—at Life Center.  (And I would love for every church to experience it.)  And for that to happen, there are two keys.

First, it says, “the Lord added.”  This was something God was doing.  I can’t save anyone.  Only God can do that.  I want, and we need for God to work!  Pray!  When I work, I work; when I pray, God works.  It’s time to re-emphasize our Love Lists, and get our church praying daily for people to be saved.  I don’t doubt that there is a connection between this daily prayer and the Lord daily adding those who are being saved.

Second, it was clear that God was moving and people were buzzing.  There was talk around town about what was happening—and it was good talk, not bad talk.  Miracles were happening—people were awe-struck! The church was exceptionally unselfish and generous—needs were being met!  They were meeting in large and small groups and the meetings were characterized by joy and praise to God!  Consequently, they enjoyed “the favor of all the people.”  I can’t engineer this on my own—God did it.  So what can we do?

We can pray.  We can be generous.  We can rejoice in God’s grace and goodness.  We can serve.  We can share the gospel joyfully and confidently.  And (again) we can pray for God to move! 

Prayer: Lord, pour out Your Spirit on Your Church—including ours.  Let these characteristics be true of us.  Work in our community, our nation and our world.  I long to see you adding people who are being saved to our number every day!