Monday, July 9

Go on to maturity

Scripture: Micah 1-4, Hebrews 6

Hebrews 6:1 Therefore, let us move beyond the elementary teaching about Christ and go on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works, faith in God…


The author of Hebrews ends chapter 5 with a rebuke for their immaturity.  They should be teaching others but still need someone to teach them the basics.  It’s time to move beyond the elementary teaching about Christ, the ABC’s of the faith, and go on to maturity.


Many Christians are stuck in perpetual immaturity; they are spiritual babies, and are not “going on to maturity.”  Everything about us is to grow and mature: our relationship with Jesus, our character, our mental and emotional lives.  We were meant to grow, not get stuck in infancy.

Spiritual maturity is the result of a partnership between you and God.  The words “go on to maturity” are translated in the NIV as “be taken forward to maturity.”  The Greek word is passive: be carried, be moved.  In other words, someone else is carrying or moving you toward maturity; you are not doing this entirely on your own.  On the other hand, it is clear that we have a role to play; the author calls us to move beyond the ABC’s and grow up and go on (be carried) to maturity.  It’s a partnership between you and God.

The way to maturity is moving toward Jesus.  It is seeking Him, following Him, knowing Him—and in that relationship, being taken forward to maturity.  I don’t just grit my teeth and try harder.  I don’t will myself to maturity.  I move toward Jesus and He moves me toward maturity.  We do it together.

This is the adventure of following Jesus.  I’m not static, not stuck.  I’m moving, changing, growing.  You can’t follow Jesus and stay where you are!  Life is new and getting better because I’m following Jesus and He is not letting me stay in the shallows.  

Don’t be content to live in the ABC’s forever.  Move toward Jesus every day and live the adventure!

Prayer: Lord, help me to keep moving toward You and growing.  And help me to help others to move toward You and grow!