Thursday, February 15

How God remembers me

Scripture: Leviticus 25, Psalm 25-26, Acts 22

Psalm 25:6-7 Remember, Lord, Your compassion and Your faithful love,

for they have existed from antiquity.  7 Do not remember the sins of my youth

or my acts of rebellion; in keeping with Your faithful love, remember me

because of Your goodness, Lord.


I love this prayer.  Lord, remember your compassion and love.  But don’t remember my sins and rebellion.  Remember me in keeping with your love and goodness.

It’s as though David were saying, “Lord, when you think of me, I want you to remember your love, mercy and goodness—not my sin.”


Two applications:

First, I’m so grateful that God chooses to remember me positively, that when He thinks of me, His first thought is not my sin and failure, but His love and goodness toward me.  I am His son.

Second, I was thinking about how I remember people.  Sometimes I go straight to their sin.  They did something that hurt me, offended me, angered me—and when I think of them or hear their name, that’s what I remember.  But today, I choose to remember differently.  I choose to remember that person as my brother or sister, and as God’s dearly loved child.  I choose to remember them according to God’s love, mercy and goodness, not their sin.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for remembering me—in a good way.  Help me to do the same for others.