Sunday, January 28

I’ve been with Jesus

Scripture: Exodus 20-22, Acts 4

Acts 4:13 When they observed the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed and recognized that they had been with Jesus.


After Peter and John, in Jesus’ name, heal a crippled man, they are arrested and tried.  This verse is the reaction of their captors: they observed, realized, were amazed and recognized.

They observed the boldness of Peter and John.  They were fearlessly obeying Jesus, and witnessing to His resurrection, even though these were the very people who arrested and killed Jesus!  Observable boldness.

They realized that Peter and John were uneducated and untrained men.  The Greek word for “uneducated” (agrammatos) meant “uneducated, illiterate” or lacking formal education, in this case, in the learning of the Jewish rabbinic schools.  The Greek word for “untrained” (idiotes) meant “a person unskilled or inexperienced in some activity; an amateur.”  These were ordinary guys—amateurs—whom God was using!  Realized ordinariness.

They were amazed.  This didn’t equate: ordinary guys, uneducated amateurs, but extraordinary actions (a healing) and great boldness.  Amazing paradox.

They recognized that they had been with Jesus.  Here’s the explanation of the paradox: they had been with Jesus.  This referred first to the fact that they had spent three years with Jesus—they were His disciples.  But I think it can also refer to the fact that they lived in fellowship with the resurrected Jesus.  “I will never leave you.”  Recognized followership and fellowship.


I want to be someone of whom others can say, “He has been with Jesus.”  I want my life, my behavior and talk, to reflect the fact that I’m with Jesus.  I want to be with Jesus in both senses: I want to follow Him and clearly be His follower; I want to fellowship with Him and clearly reflect His presence in my life.  I want His power and presence in my life, and I’m willing to seek Him every day for that to happen.

Prayer: Lord, I will seek You, follow You, and be with You.  Fill me so fully that everyone will recognize that I’ve been with You.