Tuesday, February 13

No holding back!

Scripture: Leviticus 20-22, Acts 20


You have to be impressed with Paul’s courage. The Jews plot to kill him time and again…and he just keeps going.  He didn’t shrink back from proclaiming all God gave him even if it wasn’t popular or put him in jeopardy.  He pressed on toward Jerusalem even though he was repeatedly told that “chains and afflictions” were waiting for him there.  He considered his life disposable for Jesus’ sake—all that mattered was “to finish my course and the ministry” that Jesus gave him.  No holding back!  All for Jesus!

What a stud!


One of my besetting sins is to care too much what other people think of me: I’m a people pleaser.  This can keep me from courageously doing what God calls me to do or say.  My takeaway today is “no holding back”: be committed to Jesus above all else, and care more about what He wants than what people think of me.  I want to courageously do what He says.  Sounds simple…but it’s not easy.

Prayer: Lord, first help me to hear and know what You want me to do.  Then give me the courage to do it.  No holding back!