Saturday, September 1

Sucked in

Scripture: Ezekiel 15-16, Psalm 70, Revelation 6


In Ezekiel 16, God compares Israel to a prostitute, but starts the parable at her birth.  God saw her uncared for us and saved her, giving her life.  God cared for her as she grew, then pledged Himself to her.  God gave her food, clothing, jewelry, beauty, children—everything.  And then Israel took everything God had given her and gave it to idols. 

It’s a startling contrast.  God provided for them, and they took His provision and used it for idolatry.  


Everything I have is ultimately from God: my life, my talent, my resources.  It’s all from God, so am I using it for Him?  Where am I spending it on idolatry?  The Israelites were sucked into worshipping the idols of the nations around them.  Where am I being sucked into the idolatry of our culture?  (Power, fame, wealth, pleasure, recreation, sex, things, etc.—none of these are wrong in themselves, but when we make them most important, they become idols.  Idols are good things that we make the main thing.)

Prayer: Lord, I’m struck by the injustice of using what You give to serve an idol.  I don’t want to do it, but I’m sure that I get sucked in.  Show me where, and help me consciously choose to use all You’ve given me to serve only You.