Thursday, January 11

The Blessing

Scripture: Genesis 27-28, Psalm 4, Luke 11

Genesis 27:38 Esau said to his father, “Do you only have one blessing, my father? Bless me too, my father!” And Esau wept loudly.


Esau’s cry is so moving…and so common.

He has already foolishly abdicated his birthright, and now he is cheated by his mother and brother out of the paternal blessing.

(BTW: This is one dysfunctional family!  Isaac favors Esau; Rebekah favors Jacob.  She constructs an elaborate ruse to deceive her husband and wrest his blessing for her favored son.  Jacob lacks the courage to stand up to his mother—he was a mama’s boy, still tied to her apron strings.  Esau wants to kill his brother, and at the same time is so desperate to please his parents that he adds an additional wife.  And through it all, Jacob is passive.  What a mess!  Another reminder that God’s raw materials to change the world—us—are a mess!  It has to be grace that God can use people like us!)

Esau desperately wanted his father’s blessing, and you can hear his pain and desire in this cry: “Do you have only one blessing?  Bless me too, my father!”  And you can see his desire to earn his parent’s favor when he married another wife, this one a cousin, from the family.


Every time I read this it reminds me of the desire every child has for the blessing of his/her parents.  It is especially important for fathers to confer their blessing on their kids.  Whole books have been written on this—but I know from experience how much I desired my parents’ approval and blessing.  Perhaps no other person’s blessing means more—yet many fathers fail to bless their kids and many children can echo Esau’s cry.

I will be sure to let each of my kids know how much I love and esteem them!

Prayer: Father, than you for your blessing on my life.  Now help me be a good father and give my blessing to my kids and grandkids—and to others who need it.