Saturday, October 6

The Lord needs it. 

Scripture: Esther 9-10, Luke 19

Luke 19:31 If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you untying it?’ say this: ‘The Lord needs it.’ ”


Jesus sent two of His disciples to retrieve a young donkey for Him to ride into Jerusalem as a fulfillment of prophecy (Zechariah 9:9).  Perhaps Jesus had made arrangements beforehand and this phrase, “The Lord needs it,” was the code, the password that signaled these were Jesus’ men and they should send the donkey with them.  Or maybe it was the simple logic of “The Lord needs it” that convinced them to send the donkey.  Either way, they sent the donkey; they gave what they had to the Lord at His request.


I want to be someone who gives what the Lord asks without hesitation.

Does the Lord need what I have?  Yes and no. 

On the one hand, the Lord has everything and needs nothing from me.  He can achieve His purposes without me or the things I have.  He is not “in need” in any way, or dependent upon me in any way.  He is God and can get along without me just fine!

On the other hand, God has chosen to partner with us and include us in His work.  While God can (and sometimes does) work around us and without us, it seems that His usual mode of operation is to work with us and use us and what we have.  So when God needs a donkey, He doesn’t make one out of thin air; He conscripts one of ours.  When God needs money, He doesn’t mint new bills; He asks for ours.  When God needs a voice, He doesn’t speak out of the clouds; He calls us to speak for Him.  

“The Lord needs it.”  What do you have that God “needs”, that God wants to use to achieve His purposes?  It could be anything and everything: your life, love, money, time, energy, voice, skills, gifts, things—anything.  What will you do when God says, “I need that.  I want to ride your donkey into town.”?  

Today, I will listen for the Spirit’s whisper, “The Lord needs it,” and be prepared to give whatever God asks of me.

Prayer: Lord, I know that a disciple listens to Jesus and does what He says.  Here’s another example.  Help me listen for Your voice today and give whatever You ask!