Monday, January 8

The real Hero

Scripture: Genesis 20-22, Luke 8


The Bible doesn’t paint a rosy picture of its heroes.  After Abraham learns that he and Sarah are going to get pregnant and have a son, he travels to Gerar and immediately pimps his wife!  He tells Abimelech that Sarah is his sister to save his skin.  What was he thinking?  What about God’s promise that Sarah would bear his son?

God to the rescue!  God intervenes with Abimelech and keeps him from violating Sarah, speaks to him and has him return Sarah untouched to Abraham—ensuring that the child will be Abraham’s, not Abimelech’s!  Then in the next chapter, God fulfills his promise to Abraham and Sarah.

God promises; Abraham almost short-circuits the promise; God rescues him and fulfills his promise.


God is so good!  He is so merciful and gracious with us.  He knows our weakness and comes to our rescue, and fulfills His promise in spite of our repeated failures.  The real hero in the Bible narrative is God.  The real hero of my story is God!  Like Abraham, I am a mixed bag of good and bad, faith and failure.  But God is steady and true.  I am forever grateful for the Lord’s mercy.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for always coming to my rescue and for fulfilling your promise in spite of my repeated failures!  You are my Hero!