Tuesday, January 9

This is from the Lord

Scripture: Genesis 23-24, Luke 9

Genesis 24:50 Laban and Bethuel answered, “This is from the Lord; we have no choice in the matter.”


Abraham’s nameless servant is sent on a fool’s errand—an almost impossible task—to find a wife for Isaac from Abraham’s distant family.  Abraham promises that the Lord’s angel will go before him.  The servant prays and asks for God’s intervention and clear leading.  The first woman that the servant meets is Rebekah, Abraham’s grand-niece.  It’s no coincidence: “this is from the Lord.”  This is God’s doing.

Laban and Bethuel recognize God’s hand and acknowledge it and agree to send their daughter and granddaughter with this man they barely know—all because “this is from the Lord.”


I love these “divine coincidences.”  How can I see more of them?  First, by praying and asking God to lead me.  Second, by trusting Him to do so.  Third, by looking for these “divine coincidences.”

Karen Burton Mains, in her book, The God Hunt, teaches us to look for signs of God’s activity in four ways:

1. Answers to prayer.

2. Evidence of God’s care.

3. Help doing God’s work.

4. Divine coincidences: unusual timing or linkage.

This story is definitely one of those divine coincidences!  I want more of them in my life—more times when all I can say is: “This is from the Lord; we have no choice in the matter!”

Prayer: Lord, lead me today—clearly, unmistakably!  And help me to keep my eyes open for the signs of your activity in my life!