Tuesday, October 23

“This seed picker!”

Scripture: Job 13-14, Acts 17-18

Acts 17:18 Some of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers also debated with him.  Some said, “What is this ignorant showoff trying to say?”  


When the apostle Paul spoke at the Areopagus in Athens (a gathering place for philosophical debate), he was rudely dismissed by some.  They called him an “ignorant showoff.”  The Greek word is spermologos, from the words sperm (a seed) and legos (to collect)—literally, “a seed collector, or a seed picker.”  It was originally used of birds that randomly picked up seeds to eat, then metaphorically was used of people who collected scraps of food to eat (a scrap monger, a scavenger).  Some scholars think that this word became a unique piece of Athenian slang for a person who collected scraps of knowledge without understanding, a person whose unsophisticated communication spouted bits of information without context or understanding.    Such a person was dismissed as “a seed picker.”  That’s what some of them thought of Paul. 

But others heard his message and believed, including Dionysius, Damaris and others.  


Paul, the seed picker, ended up being one of the most influential men in history, while those who called him names are nothing more than nameless footnotes in his story!

When we live on mission, when we are sharing the gospel and making disciples, we will encounter opposition.  We may be ridiculed, labeled, dismissed—seed pickers!  But in reality, we are planting seeds that will make a difference for eternity.  

Don’t let the opposition slow you down!  Don’t hesitate or be fearful—instead, boldly live on mission, knowing that God uses ordinary seed pickers like us to change lives forever! 

Prayer: Lord, help us overcome our fear of rejection, of being called names.  Instead, give us, like Paul, a holy boldness to fearlessly spread the gospel.  Remind us that we’re changing lives for eternity, and that you love to use “seed pickers” like us.