Tuesday, August 28

Trust the process

Scripture: Ezekiel 1-3, Revelation 2

Ezekiel 2:6, 3:9 Don’t be afraid of their words or discouraged by the look on their faces…


God called Ezekiel to speak His message to the rebellious Israelites, who were hardheaded, hardhearted and rebellious, and were unlikely to listen.  Ezekiel was to give them the message whether they listened or not—and most likely they would not.  It was a call to ministry that would not only be hard, but most likely ineffective and unfruitful.  But Ezekiel was to do it anyway, regardless of the results.  

Twice the Lord told him not to be afraid of the people or discouraged by them.  He was to obey God courageously and fearlessly.  He was to trust the process: listen, obey, and leave the results to God.


Lately, I have wrestled with fear and discouragement.  A couple days ago, I believe the Lord spoke to me and said, “Don’t be afraid.  Do what I tell you, trust the process and don’t worry about the results.”  (I recently read a book on golf that said the same thing!  There are many similarities between life and golf!)

This passage reinforces that word for me.  I’m going to listen to Jesus, do what He says, and leave the results to Him.  That’s what trusting the process is!  My job is to listen and obey.  The rest is His.  I get too focused on the results when I should stay focused on listening and obeying. 

Prayer: Jesus, what do you want me to do?  Speak Lord, and I’ll listen—and I’ll do what You say.  Then I’ll trust You and leave the results in Your hands.