Saturday, October 20

We pray, God works

Scripture: Job 6-8, Acts 12

Acts 12:24 But the word of God flourished and multiplied.  


The chapter opens with Herod “violently attacking” the church, killing James (who had wanted to be on Jesus’ right hand in His glory), arresting Peter and planning his execution.  It looked grim for the young church.  

Then God acted.  He miraculously freed Peter from prison, thwarting Herod’s plan, and then struck Herod down so he died.  The chapter opens with Herod trying to stamp out God’s message, and ends with God stamping out Herod and His message flourishing and multiplying!

The only thing that the church did was pray.  They prayed fervently for Peter’s release; they were praying in a home when Peter appeared.  They prayed.  That’s it.  

They prayed, God acted—and the word of God flourished and multiplied.


I want the word of God, the message of Jesus, to flourish and multiply in my Jerusalem (Spokane).  While my strategies aren’t necessarily bad, there is no evidence of any human strategy in this passage.  The humans prayed—God acted.  I need to pray and trust God to act.  

On Thursday, I had a couple prayer ideas.  I need to follow through on those!  They are my best chance to see what I most long for: for the word of God to flourish and multiply in my town.

Prayer: Lord, free your imprisoned people to be your bold and loving witnesses.  Let your word, your message flourish and multiply in our community—like crazy!