Wednesday, January 10

What Esau lost 

Scripture: Genesis 25-26, Psalm 6, Luke 10

Genesis 25:34 So Esau despised his birthright.


The birthright was the right of the firstborn to a double portion of the family estate, leadership of the family, and in this case, it included the spiritual promise of God’s blessing to Abraham and through him to the whole world.  Esau traded away his role in God’s plan!  This is what Esau despised and traded for a bowl of stew.  Esau was dominated by his physical desires—in this case, hunger—and was extremely short-sighted, trading long-term blessing for very short-term satisfaction.

Jacob was not blameless either.  He should have given his hungry brother a bowl of stew.  But he was as true to his nature (a schemer) as Esau was to his.  The Bible does not spare its heroes—they are portrayed warts and all.  This is what God chose to work with!  It’s all grace!


There are many examples of Esau’s bad choice.  The news is filled with men who have sacrificed their careers, marriages, success, and respect for a moment’s sexual satisfaction.  That’s an Esau-choice.

But the biggest issue is choosing to be part of God’s plan for the world!  Esau opted out, choosing a bowl of soup instead.  Jacob, despite being a rascal, at least understood what was at stake, and chose to be part of God’s plan for the world.

That is what we have to keep in mind when making decisions.  I want to be part of God’s kingdom, what God is doing in the world.  How will this decision affect that?  I don’t want to do anything that takes me out of the game!

Prayer: Lord, help me keep my priorities straight and make decisions with the long view in mind.  More than anything, I want to be part of what you’re doing!