Monday, February 19

What I do to you, I do to God.

Scripture: Numbers 5-6, Psalm 22, Acts 26

Numbers 5:6 Tell the Israelites: When a man or woman commits any sin against another, that person acts unfaithfully toward the Lord and is guilty.


So much to pick from in today’s reading…but this jumped out at me right away.  Whenever we sin against another human being, we are sinning against God.  To hurt a person is to hurt the Lord.

I thought of Jesus’ words to Saul on the road to Damascus: “Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”  Saul was persecuting Christians—but what he did to them, he was doing to Jesus.

I thought of Psalm 51:4, where David, confessing his sin against Uriah and Bathsheba, said, “against You have I sinned.”  He acknowledged that his sin against them was a sin against God.

I thought of the Great Commandment.  The most important thing is to love God with all we’ve got and love our neighbor as ourselves.  If we don’t love our neighbor, we are not loving God.  If we harm our neighbor, we are sinning against God.

I thought of Matthew 25 where Jesus said, “What you did (or did not) to the least of these, you did (or did not) to Me.”  Whatever good we do to others, we do to Jesus.  Whatever harm (or absence of good) we do to others, we do to Jesus.


This is a great reminder to see Jesus in each person I meet and treat Him well!

Prayer: Lord, help me to see You in each person I meet today, and to treat You  in them well!