Wednesday, February 21

What stops me?

Scripture: Numbers 8-9, Acts 28

Acts 28:30-31 Then he stayed two whole years in his own rented house. And he welcomed all who visited him, 31 proclaiming the kingdom of God  and teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with full boldness  and without hindrance.


Acts ends with Paul under house arrest in Rome, but he turned his home into an evangelistic ministry center!  Lots of people came to visit, and Paul proclaimed Jesus “with full boldness and without hindrance.”

As a result of this, the gospel spread across Rome, and even penetrated Caesar’s palace.  From his house arrest in Rome, Paul wrote to the Philippians:

Philippians 1:12-13 Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has actually resulted in the advance of the gospel,  13 so that it has become known throughout the whole imperial guard,  and to everyone else, that my imprisonment is in the cause of Christ.

Philippians 4:22 All the saints greet you, but especially those from Caesar’s  household.

Because Paul was in jail and sharing the gospel, there were Christians in Caesar’s household!  Paul was on mission—it didn’t matter if he was free or in jail.  Nothing stopped him.  And the good news spread all over Rome!


So what stops me?  What keeps me from sharing Jesus with boldness in every setting?  I heard from a friend yesterday that he never leaves Starbucks without sharing Jesus/praying with at least one person, usually three!  I love that clear sense of being on mission…everywhere.

Imagine having a friend that you’d like others to meet because he is so cool.  You do!  Just tell people about Jesus.  People are cautious about church, Christianity, religion.  But most people like Jesus.  Paul talked about Jesus.  Boldly.

Prayer: Lord, what stops me?  Help me get over my hesitancy, my reluctance, and like Paul, wherever I am boldly tell others about Jesus.