Wednesday, November 20

Ask and Obey

Scripture: Matthew 5-7


This is Jesus’ famous “Sermon on the Mount”.  It is worth memorizing and meditating upon.  

In 7:7-12, Jesus teaches on prayer and simply tells us to ask, to seek and to knock, and promises that those who ask receive, those who seek find, and those who knock will find the door opened.  So ask!  He uses the humorous illustration of a father whose son asks for food, and instead he gives him stone or a snake.  No father would do that!  How much more will your heavenly Father give what is good to those who ask Him…so ask!  

Jesus impresses upon us that God wants us, invites us, commands us to ask!  And that He stands ready to give what is good to us.  James writes that we don’t have because we didn’t ask.  (James 4:2). We have a Father who loves us and wants the best for us, and wants us to come to Him and ask.  

In 7:24-27, Jesus concludes by contrasting two builders, one wise and one foolish.  The wise built his house on the rock and it withstood the storms.  The foolish built his house on the sand and it fell in the storm.  The wise man was the one who heard Jesus’ words and acted on them; the foolish heard Jesus’ words and didn’t act on them.  It’s a fitting conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount.  Jesus promises that if we do what He says, our house (life) will stand; if we don’t, our house will crash.  Just reading this passage isn’t enough; go live it!


What have I not asked God for?  What keeps me from asking?  Sometimes I fear that He will say no.  Sometimes I doubt that He will answer.  Today, I’m going to ask, and ask boldly because Jesus commands it and because I have a Father who loves me.  Ask!

And obey!  Knowing what He tells us to do isn’t enough; we must do what He says.  The Great Commission doesn’t say, “teaching them to know everything I have commanded.”  It says, “teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.”  Do what He says!  That’s how to build your life on solid ground.  Obey!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for this amazing “sermon”.  Now help me to obey today everything you command!  That’s a big Ask!  And help me to pray, knowing that I have a Father who wants the best for me.