Saturday, January 26

Be filled with the Spirit

Scripture: Exodus 14-16, Acts 2


Acts 2 tells the story of the Holy Spirit coming upon the first believers.  It was momentous!  Look at all that happened:

They were all filled with the Spirit and spoke in other languages, proclaiming the mighty works of God. 

An amazed crowd gathered, heard and wondered how these Galileans were speaking their languages (although some mocked).  

Peter, who only a few weeks before was denying he knew Jesus to save his own skin, now boldly stands before thousands and proclaims Jesus’ resurrection.  

Many were convicted and asked what they should do.  Peter told them to repent and be baptized into Jesus, and promised them the gift of the Holy Spirit.  And 3000 did!  The church was born!

The newly formed church began meeting daily in groups small and large, sharing their possessions.  God was working miracles, and every day, people were being saved and added to their number!

All of it was the work of the Spirit!


How we need the Holy Spirit!  We need to be filled with the Spirit.  We need God’s power and presence in our lives.  He can do more in a moment than we can in a lifetime.  The first church was born by the Spirit and lived in the Spirit.  It was a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led community.  May that be true of me and us.

This passage reminds me to be filled with and live in the Spirit today.

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit!  Fill me—fill us!