Saturday, February 16

Boundless mercy

Scripture: Leviticus 26-27, Acts 23


Leviticus 26 describes God’s blessings when His people obeyed and kept the covenant, and the penalties for disobedience, which increase in severity as disobedience continues.  But the chapter ends with the promise of mercy and restoration when people confess and repent.  Even after all the years (centuries) of rebellion, God still offers forgiveness and healing!  His mercy knows no bounds.  He never gives up.  He is always willing to forgive.

God also says that their abandoned land will enjoy the sabbaths it was promised but never received.


First, God is good!  He is always willing to forgive, heal and restore when we turn to Him with honest and contrite hearts.  Every time we confess, He forgives.  The amazing thing is that we so often stubbornly continue on our self-destructive path rather than humbly owning our sin and repenting.  Forgiveness and restoration is one simple confession away—and yet we stubbornly refuse.   And this is true no matter how far or how long we’ve gone.

Second, when I read about the abandoned land finally getting it’s overdue sabbaths, I wonder how much of our sickness, physically and mentally, is due to our failure to acknowledge God and to rest.  I know that when I get sick, it’s often after a long period of pushing myself without breaks.  It’s as though my body says, “You’ve robbed me of rest—I’ll get it my way.”  God seems to have built healthy limits into everything—our bodies, even the land—and when we ignore those limits, it bites us.  Remember that you’re not God—He is—and He will keep the world running while you take a day off to rest and acknowledge Him.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for Your goodness and mercy.  Help me be quick to repent, to confess and to receive your mercy.  And help me to acknowledge my limits and stop and rest.