Tuesday, January 22

Conversational relationship

Scripture: Exodus 3-5, Luke 22


Moses had a conversational relationship with God.  God called Moses by name, and when Moses responded, they had a dialogue, a discussion, a conversation.  God did most of the talking and Moses did most of the listening.  But Moses also asked questions and raised objections.  When he did, God answered those.  Although it starts here, this conversational relationship is evident all through Moses’ story.


I believe that this conversational relationship is the norm, not the exception—this is what God desires for each of us.  Prayer is not a ritual but a living conversation.  We don’t just say prayers—we live in prayer.  We live in ongoing conversation with God—listening, responding. 

This is a radically different view of prayer—from something we do occasionally to all day long ongoing conversation.  Prayer is a response to God.  He initiates—He started the conversation with Moses, and He’s speaking to us all day long if we’re listening. (Notice that Moses had to “turn aside” to investigate the burning bush, and when he did, God spoke—or Moses heard.)  And what if in our conversation with God, He did most of the talking and we listened more?  And what if, like Moses, we didn’t tell God, but asked more questions and let Him tell us?  This is a radically different view of prayer!

Prayer: Lord, teach us to pray—conversationally, all day long, asking questions, listening and responding to you.