Saturday, April 11

Do it—and see what God does!

Scripture: 1 Samuel 14, 1 Chronicles 4, 2 Corinthians 14

1 Samuel 14:6 Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the Lord will work for us, for the Lord is not restrained to save by many or by few.”

1 Samuel 14:45 But the people said to Saul, “Must Jonathan die, who has brought about this great deliverance in Israel? Far from it! As the Lord lives, not one hair of his head shall fall to the ground, for he has worked with God this day.” So the people rescued Jonathan and he did not die.


Though outnumbered and out-armed, Jonathan triggered a great victory for Israel by taking a chance. “Let’s do it and see what God does.  Perhaps the Lord will work for us.”  He knew that God is not restrained by our strength; He can “save by many or by few.”  And they were certainly few: just Jonathan and his armor bearer.  Jonathan showed up—and so did God!  And the rout was on.

Later, Saul was prepared to kill Jonathan for unknowingly violating Saul’s rash order that his troops not eat until after sundown.  The rest of the troops interceded for Jonathan and saved him, saying, “He shall not die, for he has worked with God today.” 

God worked, and Jonathan worked with Him.  But it started with Jonathan taking a flier: “Let’s do it and see what God does.”


Here is the interesting spin in this story.  Usually we say, “Look for where God is working and join Him.”  But in this story, Jonathan took action, hoping that God would work, and He did.  It seems that God was just waiting for someone to act.  Is it possible that sometimes God waits for us to move before He moves?  For example, this may be true when God commands us to do something.  We should do it, and then expect God to act.

My pastor used to tell me, “You do the possible, and God will do the impossible.”  

That’s what Jonathan did.  He showed up and acted, and God responded.  He started with “perhaps the Lord will work,” and then worked with God.

Today, I want to be ready to act, ready to risk and see what God will do!  

Prayer: Lord, help me see opportunities today and act and see what You will do.